Monday, July 4, 2011

Learning From ISTE 2011 - Missing The Conference Does Not Mean You Have To Miss Out

I was fortunate enough to attend ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia last week and do some face-to-face learning with some phenomenal educators.  However, schedule conflicts, fiscal restraints, and numerous other reasons kept others from attending.  Fortunately, ISTE has made a number of the recordings from the sessions available on the ISTE Unplugged 2011 Wiki.

In addition, if you are on Twitter you can take part in the ongoing conversation about ISTE 2011 by following the #ISTE11 hashtag on Twitter.  There are some great blog posts and resources being shared by many who were in attendance in Philly and many others who were not.

While there nothing better than sitting together in the same physical space with others who are passionate about learning, we need to remember how fortunate we are to live in a day and age where we can participate in these great learning opportunities even if we cannot be physically present. So remember to start a hashtag if you are at a local conference or getting together with a group for some professional development (PD) to share the insights and learning that is happening.

Your PD can be our PD!

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  1. I was there and feel like I missed a lot. Hope to visit the ISTE Unplugged 2011 Wiki to catch up and keep spirit of it alive. Thanks for posting this for those not there and even for those there.