Friday, July 29, 2011

Join Us For The First Edcamp Geared Towards Administrators on August 20

Edcamp Admin

Burlington High School will host the first Edcamp geared towards school administrators on August 20th from 8-12. Check back for details on this wonderful opportunity to get geared up for the start of another school year.

If you are unfamiliar with the Edcamp model, here is a great description of what it is all about from Edcamp Vancouver:

We would like to take the best part of conferences, which in our opinion are the conversations between the attendees, and turn these into the focus of the conference. We will still have presentations but the process for setting up who presents will be more democratic and the presentations will be more interactive than a typical conference. We would like everyone to be expected to share what they know. We would like to run a conference for everyone interested in education. 
You can learn more about Edcamps at the Edcamp Wiki.

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