Saturday, July 23, 2011

BHS 1:1 - Our Logo...Stay Tuned For iPad Pickup Schedule For Students

bhs1-1 Joliat
Check out our BHS 1:1 logo which was designed by BHS sophomore Kayla Joliat at the end of last year as part of an assignment for Mr. Ratkevich's Design Class last year.  I am particularly fond of the fact that it captures our school's learning expectation for the use of technology.  While we know well that our students are all very good at employing technology to communicate, we look forward to the year ahead where they will become more adept at using it to assist them in their educational pursuits.

With this in mind, our iPad distribution will commence during the week of August 15th.  We will post a web-based sign-up process in the next few days that will include insurance information for families as well as a number of different pick-up times and days.

Stay tuned!


  1. This is very exciting. I am hoping, there will be some sort of digital citizenship oath that student will sign when the iPad is released to them. I am also hoping that before school begins, there is an orientation offered by the school that introduces the concepts of digital citizenship and some basics that are offered in Patrick Larkins Web 2.0 class (including how to determine whether a website is worthy of use etc.) Thanks!

  2. We will be having a brief orientation when we distribute the iPads and digital citizenship discussions will be a constant throughout the school year. I am excited for a day when we stop talking about digital citizenship and just include as part of our definition of citizenship.