Thursday, June 9, 2011

Becoming A 1:1 School Edition 12 - Students Will Play A Leading Role In Our Help Desk


We have been getting great input from the students in on our 1:1 Implementation Team this year as we continue to finalize the plans for our iPad rollout for all students next year. The input of students like Thibani Chabanda and Chris Coe (above) has ben instrumental in moving forward. For our first year of 1:1 to go as well as we would like it to we will need even more student involvement next year. For this reason, we are offering a new elective called student help desk which will put our students out in front as the go-to people for helping students and staff with iPad issues/training next year.

Our Student Help Desk will run every period and before and after school. So, if you are interested in technology and/or problem solving please fill out the Google Form below. Training will be provided for all students interested and the Student Help Desk will be overseen by two BHS Staff members.

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  1. If we are not taking an elective and would like to sign up for some other time, what should we put?

  2. Just sign up and write a note in the form that you are interested in being involved before or after school.

  3. I think that this is a great idea!! I've encouraged my students to take part. We have some wonderful savvy techy students. Let's go for it, kids!!