Monday, January 16, 2012

Race To Nowhere Followup Discussion - Monday, January 30th at BHS

Last spring we held a screening of Race to Nowhere at BHS and had a great turnout of parents from both Burlington and Wilmington. The movie started a number of conversations on ways that we can make our schools better for our students.  On Monday, January 30 we will host a follow-up conversation at BHS in the cafeteria from 6-8:00 p.m. to begin prioritizing the items that our school community feels are most pressing.

Whether you were at the film or not, we welcome you to this important brainstorming session which will include discussions of research-based data that has led people to question our traditional approaches to the following:

Later Start Times for high school due to adolescent sleep patterns

Homework - How much is necessary?

Creating more engaging classrooms

High-stakes exams

Advanced Placement Classes

The topics and discussion on Monday will be generated by the participants. We are inviting parents, high school students, staff, and community members who are interested in having constructive conversations about ways we can make our fine schools even better.  We cannot reach our full potential without a greater input from all stakeholders.

Spread the word! We hope to see you Monday, January 30th!
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