Thursday, June 30, 2011

ISTE 2011 Closing Keynote - Chris Lehmann and his SLA Students

This video is from this week's ISTE 2011 Conference in Philadelphia. I had the good fortune of attending the conference, but missed the keynote.  Having now watched it, I hope you will watch it and listen to the words of Science Leadership Academy Principal Chris Lehmann, someone who I believe has a clear vision of where education needs to go for all of our students.

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  1. I played this video at least twice. It was captivating. If I understood it correctly, and I believe that I did, I truly think that BHS has already captured this vision as well. With a superb group of professionals and with technology ubiquitous, we're working with our students with a strong heart ( a passion to reach our students involving and incorporating their unique learning styles), a head ( the intellect for using technology in our mission), hands ( to cultivate the product), feet ( to carry through our mission by sharing with each other collaboratively) and a voice (to share ideas and visions).

    I appreciated what one of the students in that video said about not being a part of a "cookie cutter" mold. It reminded me of my quest of many, many years to find a doctor who didn't just go by the textbook, by the test results, etc. I very recently found one who was willing to listen to me and who was willing to go beyond the textbooks and the lab results to accomodate me. I now feel that I'm more than just a number. I'm a valued patient. He is looking out for my best interest.