Monday, May 9, 2011

Where Do We Draw The Line On Senior Slide?

The Senior Prom was great on Friday, but how much time out of school is too much?

So today is the annual "Senior Skip Day" at BHS.  We just had our senior prom on Friday where the routine for seniors was to get a dismissal not at 10:30 to prepare for the prom.  I decided to remind student-athletes of our handbook rule from page 45 which states:
"Students who are excused tardy to school or dismissed during the school day must obtain the permission of an administrator to participate in an activity that day."
I cannot in good conscience excuse students from classes for a social event and then allow them to participate in an interscholastic athletic event.  Maybe we need to do a better job enforcing this rule every other day.

While I am excited for all of the exciting celebratory activities coming up for the Class of 2011, I know that there is still work to be done.


  1. Unfortunately, forcing seniors to stay in school would not be an effective way to keep them motivated to finish the last week of school. Also, enforcing the student-athlete participation rule is ineffective for seniors because at this stage of their high school careers, most don't really care about the season because they don't envision on continuing in their college careers.

    It is not the administrators' or facultys' fault. The students need to be motivated at this point in the school year to finish strong, because even now they can lose academic scholarships or athletic scholarships. They just need some sort of wake up call.

  2. Parents can be a little more diligent about prom preparations to keep students in school. Manicures/pedicures can be booked a day or two in advance. Hair styling appointments can be booked after 2pm. There will still be plenty of time to get dressed and take photos. They do not need pre-prom "partying".

    But I have to admit....senior skip day is a long tradition. As long as it is only one day a year, students should be able to return for their after-school sports. That might be the best incentive for them to make healthy choices that day. If they are not going to be participating in school activities, they might make different choices that day.

  3. Senior Skip Day is a tradition. We've spent the last four years in this school, and most of us haven't taken advantage of just skipping school for the fun of it. This is our last chance, our last "hoorah". Sports administrators should be able to make their decisions on whether or not athletes can participate that day, and athletes should know the consequences of skipping a day in school. Whether teachers or administrators take away our senior skip day, let's face it: seniors still won't come to school.

  4. I do not understand what the problem is with senior skip day. It is just one day out 180. The student athletes who have the motivation to go in until 10:30 should praised for coming in at all. I could understand not allowing someone to leave who has too many absences but, to punish an athlete for trying live a little seems rather harsh.

  5. I think that teachers and this school should be a little more lieniant on senior skip day. It only happens once in a lifetime and i know why the school has these laws, but it is a rare, rare ocasion that should be aloud just for one day out of four years. If a student gets dissmissed or doesnt go to school on a regular day that is one thing, but since it only happens once i think the administration should let it slide.

  6. I'd be more lenient about senior skip day, if it wasn't for the spelling errors - not a good indicator that we should give kids extra days off! :)

  7. Did the adults forget what it was like to be a teenager? How long ago was it when you were a senior? Aren't teachers allowed personal days? Why not give the kids a day to slide one time per year. And if there is much left to be done, someone should let the teaching staff know....