Friday, May 20, 2011

Student Government Day 2011 - Our Students Are Impressive! (No Newsflash)

Yesterday we held our annual Student Government Day where members of our junior class spend the day shadowing employees from the Town of Burlington.  It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about all of the little details that go into making Burlington the wonderful place that it is.  I enjoyed hearing our students discuss little details about the work done behind the scenes by our dedicated town and school officials that make things run smoothly in Burlington each day.

However, the best part for me was showing off our students and giving the town officials a chance to interact with our kids for the day. I was thrilled to hear how impressed all of the town and school officials were with our students after having the opportunity to interact with them for the day. As Dr. Conti stated at the beginning of the day as we gathered at the town hall, "When we show off our students, we show off our best."

Thanks to all of the participants who were generous in giving their time to our students.  In addition, thanks to Sandra Madigan, the Burlington Town Administrator's Assistant, and Jeff Hoyt, our Social Studies Department Head, for their efforts behind the scenes in organizing this day.

Below is a list of the town and school positions that our students had a chance to learn more about. The name of the town and school employees are listed first followed by the BHS student shadow.

Archivist/Town Clerk - D. McCormack/Amy Warfield - Patrick Hanafin 
Board of Health - Marlene Johnson, Health Agent  - Brianna Piacitelli 
Board of Health - Sharon Mastenbrook - Erica Torchetti
Building Inspector - John Clancy - David Taranto
Conservation - John Keeley - Tad Pierre-Louis 
Council on Aging - Marge McDonald - Emily Murgo
Engineering - Tom Hayes, Town Engineer - Rick Landry 
Fire, Chief - Steve Yetman - Tyler Kirchner
Police, Captain - Gregory Skehan - Nick DeSimone   
Public Works - John Sanchez, Superintenden - Alex Moffatt
Recreation Director - Don Lorinovich - Ryan Gilpin  
Veterans Agent/Selectman - Robert Hogan - Matthew Theriault
Town Administrator - Robert Mercier - Zaven Ovian 
Asst. Town Admin. - Tom Hickey - Erin Clark  
Selectman - Walter Zenkin, Chairman  Walter Kikuchi   
Selectman - Dan DiTucci, Vice Chairman Alyssa Mitchell
Selectman - Ralph Patuto - Advait Nanavati 
Selectman - Robert Hogan - Matthew Theriault
Selectman - Dan Grattan - Kerri Biagiotti   
School Committee - Christine Monaco - Alexis Kaminski 
School Committee - Thomas Murphy, Jr. - Tiffany Damaso
School Committee - Stephen Nelson, Chairman - Thabani Chibanda 
School Committee - Michael DeSimone - Saqib Hashim
School Committee - Kristin Russo- Jillian Casey
Superintendent - Dr. Eric Conti - Walker Peterson
Director of Fin. & Operations - Craig Robinson - Megan Packard  
Principal of High School - Patrick Larkin - Daniel McMahon
Associate Principal - Richard Sheehan - Julianne Fitzgerald  
Associate Principal - Mark Sullivan - Nayiri Manjikian 
Athletic Director - Edward Gillis - Allison Langone  
Dr. of Pupil Services - Dr. Cathleen Estep - Jenna Perlmutter
Evaluation Administrator - Julie Woodland- Amanda Brooks

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