Friday, May 27, 2011

Becoming A 1:1 School Edition 12: National Principals Association Advocates For 1:1 In All Schools

The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) has just released a position statement titled Using Mobile and Social Technologies in Schools.  

We have consistently stated that we cannot fulfill our mission of preparing students for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship if we do not encourage the use of mobile and social technologies.  One of the major reasons for our move to providing a device for every student is to prepare them for the world outside of our schools. Our students need to know how to use modern technologies constructively to communicate, collaborate, connect, and learn.

BHS Students will have be part of a 1:1 learning environment next year

The purpose for NASSP's statement echoes our sentiments:
"To promote student learning through the use of mobile learning devices and social media in instruction that further prepares students to be active, constructive participants in the highly connected world in which they already live and will soon work."
In addition, the statement strongly advocates for school and district leaders to implement plans for 1:1 learning environments by asking school leaders to:
"Promote one-to-one access to connectible devices, including students’ own devices, to allow for anytime-anywhere learning."
And for district leaders to:
"Provide technical and financial support to schools that aspire to connect students and adopt one-to-one programs."
It is exciting to have the support of the National Principals Association in this move and we hope that it provides the impetus for a number of other schools to move in this direction.

In the meantime, we will continue to offer opportunities for others to share in this conversation with opportunities like our Edcamp Tuesday Summer Sessions.  I am also excited to have the chance to speak with MA school administrators in two sessions at the MSSAA Summer Institute July- and again in October in a session at the MSSAA Offices in Franklin.


  1. A school ought to embrace technology, but it should not forget that the tradition of student-teacher interaction, debate and discourse is at the heart of education. Technology can facilitate and enhance the experience of learning ... but the human capacity to learn demands much more.
    Technology has changed, a great deal, but the methodology, the core educational experience - the teacher posing questions; the students responding and defending their responses; the teacher evaluating, criticizing and engaging, should not change.

  2. Thank YOU, Mr. Larkin, for the tremendous amount of work that you are doing and have been doing for our benefit. Thank YOU and the team for your willingness to assist the novices each and every day. The availability of you and your team has been a huge help to me. Thank you all for coming to my classroom for aid and support.

  3. I agree with everything anonymous said but I would insert 'students' in the place of 'teacher' - the students can pose questions, the students can evaluate, criticise and defend.