Friday, May 27, 2011

All of the Best Student Works In One Place - The 2011 "Collab" Literary Magazine

2011 Art Contest Winner - Tali Singer - "Fireflies no. 3"

Collab, the Burlington High School Literary Magazine, is now available for sale. Collab has been publishing since 1970, and is consistently selected as a finalist in the Columbia competitions for superior high school publications.  

The 2011 edition features short stories, poetry, artwork and original music from Burlington High students. The winning entries are judged and selected by a team of student editors. This year, our top awards went out to Tali Singer (artwork - ), Julia Roberto (fiction), John Romano (best writing from a senior), Lucas Restivo (poetry) and the band Emerson. For the second straight year, this year's edition features color printing of all of our artwork. For more information, please visit the Collab webpage at or email


Tali Singer - Artwork (second straight year)
John Romano - Final Thoughts Contest winner (contest solely for seniors' writing)
Julia Roberto - Fiction (won BOTH of our fiction contests this year)
Lucas Restivo - Poetry (repeat winner from last year)
Emerson - Music
Sarah Fleichmann - Poetry

Students with multiple entries:
Melissa Baumgartner (poetry AND art)
Marissa Cote (art AND fiction)
Vikki Alessi (fiction)
Toula Papadopoulos (art)
Face the World (music)
Rachel Glynn (art)
Danielle Spinosa (art)
Jazmine Smith (art)

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  1. Congratulations to the diligent recipients for their consistent dedication, mastery of the materials and great contributions. May Collab continue to flourish!!