Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's Presentation to Administrators and Guidance Counselors at Merrimack College

This morning I had the pleasure of co-presenting at the Merrimack College Leadership Think Tank, along with Burlington Superintendent Eric Conti, on the importance of integrating social media tools into our schools and breaking the mold on some of the outdated thinking that is still going on in some of our schools in regards to accessing and teaching the responsible use of digital tools.  (You can check out the slides from our presentation above)

We touched upon the fact that if we are not going to teach students to use modern tools responsibly that we need to change our mission statements which all have words like citizenship and lifelong learning.  The simple fact is that we are not teaching responsible and/or productive citizenship in the year 2011 if we are not teaching students how to use these tremendous tools for learning constructively. This is equally true for anything regarding lifelong learning since you cannot be one if you do not know how to access tools that allow you to extend your learning and connect with others who share your passion for a particular subject/topic. I touched upon this in a blogpost back in February and modified the BHS Mission Statement (see below) to read as it should if we were to follow this narrow-minded viewpoint.

As always, the chance to meet with other educators left me feeling quite positive. Despite the fact that all of our schools are in different places in regards to the adoption of modern tools to engage students, we all agreed on the need to change the way we do business to better prepare our students for what they will face when they leave our doors.   The conversation was a great start and the best part is we don't have to wait until we can be in the same physical location again to continue this conversation!

As promised here is a link to my Diigo bookmarks.

Thanks to Merrimack Professor Joanne Gurry for the invitation!

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