Saturday, April 30, 2011

Race To Nowhere - A Conversation That Must Proceed Somewhere For The Sake Of Our Kids!

A crowd of well over 200 turned out to see our screening of Race to Nowhere here last night at BHS to see the highly acclaimed film that begs Americans to take a look at the way we are educating our students.  In addition to my excitement at the great turnout of parents from Wilmington and Burlington, I was extremely proud of the wonderful job our high school students did facilitating the question and answer period after the film.

My thoughts after watching the film are neither new nor original.  It is clear that anyone who cares about kids sees clear connections between the children in their lives and the children in the film.  So where do we go next?

The bottom line is that we need to sit down and have honest conversations about what is best for our students. While I am amazed that we have ignored clear research for years that directly opposes some of our traditional thoughts on school on things like homework, grades, school start time, etc., I am optimistic due to the fact that we now have the ability to keep the conversation moving forward to due to social media tools.  We cannot wait until the next time we can be in the same physical location to continue the dialogue.

There was a wonderful turnout by local parents.
Here are a couple of posts that I have written that touch upon some of the Race to Nowhere themes:

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I encourage anyone that cares about the education of our children to check out some of the following resources to further our discussion locally.

Race to Nowhere Facebook Page
Testing is not Teaching Facebook Page
Join Will Richardson's 10,000 Parent Challenge to take part in a grass roots national Back to School Night this fall.

Here are a couple of posts on Race to Nowhere written by Jonathan Martin and Lyn Hilt, fellow administrators and friends from Arizona and Pennsylvania respectively:

Race to Nowhere, One Principal's Response
Crossing the Finish Line

I look forward to the discussion and pray that it leads to action.

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  1. I saw the screening and was moved by some of the stories and situations. What are three things, you as principal, think are realistic changes at the high school level that can be implemented locally that will have an impact?