Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mr. Conceison Receives 2011 Aggarwal Award For Teaching Excellence

Mr. and Mrs. Aggarwal with Mr. Conceison following the presentation of the award
It is always a highlight in any school year when the discussion focuses on the tremendous faculty we have at Burlington High School. Today's faculty meeting was one of those occasions as we welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Roshan Aggarwal to present the Aggarwal Award, an award the family started back in 2003 to recognize excellence in teaching at BHS.

Today marked fifth time that the Aggarwal Award has been presented to a BHS staff member and the recipient was Mr. Robert Conceison, our English Department Head.  He joins past winners Alan McRae (2009), Eileen Poehler (2007), Chuck Wood (2005), and Don Tocci and Leslie Tyman (2003).

Mr. Aggarwal addresses the faculty prior to the presentation of the Award.
In his words to our faculty, Mr. Aggarwal made it clear that the reason for his family's generosity in establishing this award is due to the profound appreciation they have for the quality of the work of our BHS faculty. He discussed the important role that educators play in our world and the positive experience that his three children had at BHS. Mr. Aggarwal, a retired Physics professor from M.I.T., thanked the staff at BHS for their daily efforts making a difference in the lives of our students.

Of course there was cake! Thanks to Jean Golding


  1. Congratulations Mr. C!!!

  2. Congratulations to you many, many times, Mr. Conceison. You are one of the very best mentors in this whole community. You're, by far, a stellar husband, father, teacher and coach. You practice what you preach and walk the talk. Thank you for all of your countless hours of investment into all of us!! Best of luck to you and your family!!

  3. congratulations, Mr. Conceison,
    You are truly deserving of this award. You were at the top of our daughter, Christina's list of best teachers at BHS!! She will always remember your sincere encouragement and belief in her abilities. We thank you for inspiring a love of learning and encouraging her to reach her potential. Best wishes for continued success in all that you do.

  4. Congratulations Mr. Conceison. Well deserved. While my children never had the pleasure of having you for a teacher, my son, has had a wonderful experience having you as a coach/teacher/mentor on and off the ice.
    Barbara Mattos

  5. Bob,
    Congratulations on the recognition and your success at BCHS.

    Wayne Young

  6. Congratulations, Bob! You have been a solid role model for your students and players alike. Mom & Dad are beaming with pride up there!