Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The FWS Robotics Club Begins - Thanks to Mentoring From BHS Robotics Team

This post is from Principal Astone's Francis Wyman School Blog:
The excitement filled the air as the FWS Robotic Club members gathered in the school library. The long awaited day was finally here. Mr. Giurlando and Mr. and Mrs. Pothier had been working together for several months planning for this exciting new experience for FWS grade 5 students.Mrs. Pothier had approached me about the idea at one of our Enrichment Committee meetings last spring. The idea grew from there. Mr. G worked on the details and wrote the BEF grant proposal. Thanks to the funding obtained from the FWS PTO and the BEF, the kits and computers were purchased to accommodate the 34 students who are interested in this new club. What a turn-out! Roughly 1/3 of our grade 5 students are interested in spending Monday afternoons expanding their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). They are ready to get started and excited to work with the high school student/mentors.They look forward to stretching their minds as creativity will be a must! The high school mentors are an inspiration to these young students as they collaborate together on the challenge ahead. Miss Rigby and Miss Chirco are the teachers who are overseeing this club and guiding the students along. With commitment and perseverance, a new elementary afterschool program is launched at FWS that promises to be an exceptional opportunity for students to grow in new directions!

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  1. These kids will have a bright future. The event will enable them to show off their talents in different fields as well as expanding their minds. This is also one way that would let their young min nourished.