Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Tech Night For Parents Summary - May Tech Night Next Tuesday

Last night's technology workshop for parents was an introduction to one of my personal favorites - Twitter.

Twitter has allowed me to connect with thousands of amazing educators from all over the world to have an ongoing discussion about creating the schools our children need. Thanks to my great PLN and edchat, the parents quickly saw the power of this great tool.  You can see my first tweet below as well a response from Dana Watts that sums up the whole point of running sessions to acclimate parents to tools that allow us to connect at higher levels and continue important conversations.  The fact that Dana sent her tweet from India also shows the connections we can make with people all over the world.

It also begs the question - If I/we can connect so easily with someone in another country, can't I/we use the same tools to do a better job at making local connections?

As the night progressed, we also talked about our school's hashtag #bhschat and the hope that someday it will be used regularly by a large percentage of the community to share useful information and extend conversations about learning.

Our sessions will continue next Tuesday from 6:30-7:30 when we will offer an overview of some of the Google tools that we feel parents will find useful.  Spread the word and bring a friend! These sessions are open to any anyone!

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