Monday, March 14, 2011

My Presentation to the Massachusetts Northeast Region Student Advisory Council Today

I had the privilege of speaking to some members of the Northeast Region Student Advisory Council at Essex Agricultural High School in Danvers this morning.  We had a great discussion about the need for all schools to start thinking more about student accessibility of technological resources in our schools and less time on plans that lockdown tools for learning.  The students voiced concern that they would be behind students in other states and countries who are being taught to utilize these resources constructively.

Our job in schools is to teach students to be responsible citizens and in the year 2011, we cannot do this completely if we are barring students from accessing tools that will allow them to connect, collaborate, and build a positive digital footprint.   I left feeling relieved that these student representatives understood this point, but wondering about the number of adults that we will have to convince in other communities that this is a necessary step.

Thanks to Rob Leshin, the groups advisor, for letting me have the time to speak to the students!

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