Thursday, March 31, 2011

BHS Seniors Complete RAD Training With BHS Police


Our senior health classes recently completed their annual RAD training. This self-defense training for our senior girls is run by Burlington Police officers Ann Marie Brown and Tom Fournier and it is coordinated by our senior health teachers Amy Doughty and Matt Jackling.  The culminating activity involved a number of Burlington Police officers (shown in the slideshow above) who participated in simulations with our students who had the opportunity to practice what they had learned.

Check out some of the quotes below from our students on the experience:

RAD Experiences – Female Students

“It was a good experience to take this course.  I could definitely use some of the se defensive moves if I am in trouble.  This is important because you can defend yourself in you are in trouble.”
“yesterday we took part in RAD training and it was a very new exciting experience in school.  Instead of just talking about ways to protect ourselves, we took a hands on approach.  The different ways we learned to defend ourselves can be used by girls of all sizes.”
“Knowing the basic steps  of getting away from an attacker I feel I can protect myself.”
“I enjoyed the RAD simulation because it was a realistic situation where out reactions and responses to a dangerous situation would be tested.  It was also a very fun experience because we were allowed to react in any way we wanted, not needing to hold back.”
"I thought the simulation was a great experience because before I got to test out what I learned.  I had not doubts on whether or not I would remember everything that I had been taught. After this experience I am more comfortable with the thought of college and feel much more prepared for what could happen to me."

RAD Experiences – Male Student
“I hadn’t thought of all the betrayal, shame and anger those who have been raped must feel; putting me in their shoes helped show me what they must experience.  The experience as a whole was thought provoking and eye opening.”

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