Thursday, March 24, 2011

Becoming a 1:1 School - Edition 9 - "The Power of The Seamless Use of Technology"

I recently received a copy of  Milton Chen's book Education Nation - Six Leading Edges of Innovation in our Schools.  Chapter 3 of the book is titled The Technology Edge: Putting Modern Tools in Young Hands and there is a great excerpt from the Abilene, Kansas High School Dialogue Buzz Website that sums up what we will do for students when we create a 1:1 environment for our students

Chris Coe and Thibani Chabanda, two students from our 1:1 Implementation Team, are excited to be part of a 1:1 school  
Here's the excerpt -

Let’s have a little competition at school and get ready for the future. I will use a laptop and you will use paper and pencil. Are you ready…?
  • I will access up-to-date information - you have a textbook that is 5 years old.
  • I will immediately know when I misspell a word – you have to wait until it’s graded.
  • I will learn how to care for technology by using it – you will read about it.
  • I will see math problems in 3D – you will do the odd problems.
  • I will create artwork and poetry and share it with the world – you will share yours with the class.
  • I will have 24/7 access – you have the entire class period.
  • I will access the most dynamic information – yours will be printed and photocopied.
  • I will communicate with leaders and experts using email – you will wait for Friday’s speaker.
  • I will select my learning style – you will use the teacher’s favorite learning style.
  • I will collaborate with my peers from around the world – you will collaborate with peers in your classroom.
  • I will take my learning as far as I want – you must wait for the rest of the class.
The cost of a laptop per year? - $250
The cost of teacher and student training? – Expensive
The cost of well educated US citizens and workforce? - Priceless


  1. Thank you for sharing!! I would LOVE to lead a 1:1 school...I will be anxious to follow your progress! Sue

  2. Thank you for sharing!! I would LOVE to lead a 1:1 school...I will be anxious to follow your progress! Sue

  3. Perfect! If you're still not convinced that this is the right move, go back and read this blog again.

  4. I really love what Burlington is doing for technology, however there seem to be some glitches that are going to need to be figured out. Take last week when there was no electricity at the high school, the server went down and classes had to be canceled. What's going to happen if just the server is down? Is there a backup plan to that? I know that having lessons planned that are based on internet resources is dependent on having working servers (even to print or access files). Hopefully the server will not go down during school hours, but are there plans in place to ensure that so teachers' lessons can go on as planned?