Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Resources For Moving Beyond Textbooks

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As we move to a 1:1 environment next year at Burlington High, we are planning to move beyond our reliance on traditional textbooks as the primary source of information for our classes. While the transition will not be instantaneous, we are starting to collect resources to make the move. I think it is also important that we do not jump too quickly at the e-versions of textbooks that companies are scrambling to sell to us. It is my belief that the textbook companies are banking on the fact that public schools will take the easy way out and become dependent on the e-texts. However, given the time, I know that my teachers can create a much more meaningful resource for their classrooms.

I tweeted out a request for resources last week and I have been compiling the information forwarded me by my awesome PLN.

Here is what I have saved in a Google Doc. so far:

Please add any additional items here in the Google Doc so we can all benefit.

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