Monday, February 28, 2011

March Parent Technology Night Tomorrow - What The Heck Is This Twitter Thing?

Our March parent technology night tomorrow night at 6:30 will provide an overview of my favorite tool for learning and connecting - Twitter.   Please join me as we provide an overview of how you can use this wonderful resources.  Believe it or not, Twitter is a resource that has been used to revolutionize parts of our world (i.e. Egypt).  We believe it can add some value to your life as well.

Following the Twitter overview, we will have an open Question and Answer segment where we will attempt to answer all of your technology-related questions. We will also be happy to follow-up on any of the items discussed at previous Parent Technology Nights (highlighted below).

Information from our previous Tech Nights for Parents:

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  1. What an absolutely amazing idea! I just sent it to my principal. I'm hoping you'll let me pick your brain about what kinds of things you have offered, the logistics, etc.. Thank you so much for sharing!