Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Last Day of School - From Dr. Conti's Blog

Dr. Conti posted this on his blog today for all of those speculating on the final day of school when taking count of our snow days.

I am hearing many statements about having to attend school into July. As of today our last day of school in Burlington is Wednesday, June 22nd. We started the year with five snow days built into the calendar. If we used no snow days, then the last day of school would have been Thursday, June 16th. If we use our fifth (already having used four), then our last day will be Thursday, June 23rd.

What happens after five snow days? I hope I do not have to answer this question. We still have Friday, June 24th as a possible last day if a sixth snow day is needed. If we have to look beyond six snow days, then we will discuss options with the school committee. We could extend into the last week of June, but I hope to be able to use delayed starts and early releases to manage the rest of the winter.

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