Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Highlights From BHS Model UN Team's Mock Conference - Guest Post by Walter Kikuchi

Guest Post By BHS Junior Walter Kikuchi (Model UN Assistant Chair)

The Model United Nations club held a mock conference about the legality of the Malawi law against homosexuality. The debate went very well, and though all participants were extremely good, the award for Outstanding Delegate goes to Michelle Lee, delegate of Malawi. Michelle followed correct parliamentary procedure throughout the mock conference, researched her position thoroughly, and stood her ground as the delegate of Malawi.

The award for Best Researcher goes to Elizabeth Burkhart, delegate of South Africa. Elizabeth had many facts and figures about not only her country, but also the other participating countries, so she was able to support her points with legitimate evidence.

Lastly, the award for Best New Delegate goes to Nick Zenkin. Nick, a newcomer to Model UN, quickly picked up the parliamentary procedure. He was an active participant throughout the conference.

Thank you to the Model UN advisor, Mrs. Gould and all participants: Nantia Boampong, Kevin Doan, Andrew Frost, Jill Keaney, Saqib Hashim, Alexis Kaminski, Rick Landry, Advait Nanavati, Peggy Perna, Danielle Schissler.

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