Monday, January 17, 2011

Winning Is Not Really At The Top My Priority List...What Track Are You On?


As I overcome my disappointment at the Patriots loss to the Jets yesterday, I have to say that I am just as proud to be a Patriots fan as I was prior to yesterday's game.  It is easy to be polite and say all the right things when everything is going well, but we really see what people are made of when they hit a bump in the road.  Would you rather have a local professional football team that is a trash-talking bunch of bigmouths?

Personally, I hesitate to draw connections between professional sports and high school athletics, but there is one thing that I think we can all take away from games like yesterday's Patriots loss.  The first thing that people remember about you is not whether you won or lost, but how you conducted yourself.  Personally, I would rather go 0-and-16 with a team of hardworking, team-oriented players who consider their character more important than capturing championships with individuals who look at the win as the  most important outcome.

Of course, the ultimate would be to have great character and a win in the big game. Unfortunately, there is one team each season (in each sport) that can say this.  I say we put character first, it will get us so much further than a trophy!


  1. This is a good word!!! Very well stated. This is great counsel and wisdom for all aspects and circumstances in life. Thank you, Mr. Larkin.

  2. Great thoughts, Patrick. I've got to say that in terms of the game itself, the Jets really deserved to win. But for me, their win was tarnished by all the foolish posturing and trash talk and such.