Saturday, January 8, 2011

Third Annual Artist Alumni Day A Great Success!

Yesterday's Third Annual BHS Alumni Artist Day was a big success! We had a number of our graduates come back, some college students and some professionals who are putting their tremendous artistic skills to work to earn a living.  Just a short time with these talented people left me with the impression that Daniel Pink was onto something with his statement that the MFA is becoming the new MBA. I think that the amazing creativity that these BHS grads possess would make them a huge asset to any organization.

You can see on example of this in Jason Yeadon, who is employed in the Graphic Arts Department at Major League Baseball. Check out my brief interview with Jason below. In addition, you can see links to some of the websites of these BHS grads below.  I encourage you to click on the links and see their amazing work. 

Stay tuned for more on our Alumni Artists as we plan on partnering with Class of 1971 grad William Duffy to bring the Town of Burlington its first outdoor sculpture.

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