Wednesday, January 26, 2011

February Technology Night For Parents Next Tuesday - How Do I Do That - iPads and iTunes

A reminder that our fourth Technology Night for Parents will be held on Tuesday night from 6:30-7:30 at BHS in the Staff Development Room (between the Guidance Office and the Main office).

We are thrilled to offer parents a session that is also being offered for staff members called How Do I Do That - iPads and iTunes.  BHS will provide the iPads for up to 50 attendees to utilize.  It is a great opportunity for parents to see first hand the device that all of our students at BHS will be using next year as we become a 1:1 school.

Please join us!

Information from our previous Tech Nights for Parents:

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  1. This is just great, Mr. Larkin!!! As I'm reading your recent blog and commenting on it, I,too, wish to describe today's experience with the 30 IPads. Today was the first day we experimented with the IPads in all of my classes. What a great way for all to explore the various Apps and resources freely at our disposal, and what a great way to get some practice on the basic mechanics of this type of computer. My students really enjoyed the experience and were a great asset to my learning more about the IPad. In both of my French classes, we recently Skyped a native who was living in CA. He and his wife recently relocated to Paris. We got to read her blog. My students enjoyed reading about her experiences of being in a new culture. What a great way to learn more about the French language and culture. Thank you, Mr. Larkin, for providing us with the opportunity of using the IPads in class.