Sunday, December 19, 2010

YouTube Video of the Week - Diana Laufenberg's TED Talk

The video below is from the recent TEDx MidAtlantic talks held in Washington during the first week of November. The theme for the talks was "What if?" Diana, an 11th grade social studies teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, and she discusses the importance of schools developing more authentic learning experiences for students. As we transition to a 1:1 school, we need to think about the way we look at education.


  1. This was a fantastic video and very, very informative. What a great teacher Diana is!! I loved her ideas on the info-graphics. (By the way, I recently read on that statiticians make great wages!!)I have two of my classes bringing in iPods, laptops, etc to class to use the unit vocab realistically. For example, they're researching the schedules and fees of current movies, professional sports games in the area, leisure activities,etc. We'll then have a discussion in the target language and then write it up in the target language. They're so excited to be using their tech devices to find current information. My enthusiasm heightens as well. Seeing them actively and cognitively engaged in learning encourages me.

  2. Yes, learning has become a multimedia affair. As Senora Price implies, it's all about student engagement, and by making learning accessible in a variety of formats, you can earn that precious engagement.