Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!...Same Questions...Thanks Dan Pink!

I have written about Dan Pink's great book Drive in the past.  In the video excerpt below (which I posted on New Year's Day 2010), Pink offers a couple of key questions that can help you set the tone as you start out your New Year.

What is your sentence?

Were you better today than you were yesterday?

I would like my sentence to be:  

He was part if a school community where students were encouraged to create their own sentences.  He is the Principal of a high school where student don't answer the question "What's your sentence?" with a response of "four years."

In regards the second question, I am glad I work in education because right now the bar for being better than yesterday is set pretty low. (Sarcasm? I wish!)  Just a conscious effort to be better would work in most cases. Let's get this plane of cruise control! 

Good luck creating a meaningful sentence for yourself!

Happy New Year!


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  2. Hi Patrick!
    (Sorry about my previous comment being deleted... wrong account and my son pressed a button on the laptop!!)
    I just did a guest blog post on George's blog about this very topic and how it has driven my year since returning from maternity leave with a lot to learn about technology, new grade, and becoming a risk taker myself! :)
    I like your sentence and know that you work hard to foster a great school environment... two of your students were pretty great on Skype with my class!!
    Happy New Year!