Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great End To 2010 At BHS!

The day before our December break was a lot of fun! We started the morning with a performance in the Main Office from the BHS Select Chorus in the Office this morning (with a few alumni guest members).

We also held our annual Holiday Traditions with over 40 tables set up by students to share the cultural celebrations that were important to them. Being an inclusive school, we even included some of the newer  traditions like Festivus. I think you may even catch some of our BHS Students airing their grievances, a Festivus tradition!

But seriously it was a wonderful morning where our students shared food, music, and many showed off traditional dress from celebrations that were significant to them.  You can see a glimpse of the celebration below.

Following the Holiday Traditions, our BHS Improv Club (Idle Hands), performed during each of the final four periods of the day.  Check out a brief clip below where Anne Ford, the group's advisor, introduces the group during our final period of the day. The clip that follows is a scenario where the three participants had to improvise a scene from the Titanic (the scenario was an audience recommendation shouted out). The students also were given blind lines that they had to fit in during the scene.


  1. Ditto!! Thank you to: BHS Chorus and Director, Mr. Middleton; BHS annual Holiday Traditions Fair and Advisor, Ms. Eaton; BHS Improve Club and Advisor, Mrs. Ford and to all who made this week a week of fun and excitement. Everybody worked hard!!

  2. What a great video, Mr. Larkin. I, especially appreciate the coverage of the French Club's table in the BHS cafeteria today. One of my students and her mother prepared an authentic « bûche de Noël » yule log cake / roll for our table. I sure do appreciate the extra time, effort and love which they put into the preparation of this cultural French delicacy. Our students and their families have worked so hard and joyfully to make our Holiday Traditions Fair such a huge success!! Merci bien à tout le monde!!!!