Thursday, December 2, 2010

FY2012 Budget Guideline

Information on the school budget for next year from Dr. Conti's Blog:

FY2012 Budget Guideline: "
The Burlington Ways and Means (W&M) Committee recommended the FY2012 tax levy and budget guideline last night. The Town finance team presented W&M with a 3% and a 4% tax levy scenario with the following assumptions:

  • a 4.86% Accomodated Accounts increase
  • 0%-3% Town and School Operating Budget increase options
  • Level local receipts
  • 5% State aid decrease.

After many questions, the W&M Committee voted to recommend a 4% tax levy and a 3% budget guideline for next year. The budget guideline was only supported after a successful vote to recommend that the Selectmen and School Committee limit soon-to-be negotiated cost of living (COLA) increases to 0% for FY2012. In addition, there was discussion about the costs associated with opening a new school. As has been practiced with any growth-related operating expenses, these costs are traditionally considered outside of the budget guideline.

Many thanks to the Town’s financial team. Moreover, in these difficult economic times we are grateful for the continued support of the Ways and Means committee.

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