Thursday, December 9, 2010

Emergency Lockdown Drill Today At BHS

During the course of the school year we hold a number of emergency drills to prepare our staff and students for any possible situations that could arise.  While we know that we could never prepare for every possibility, we spend a great deal of time reviewing our protocols for lockdowns and evacuations so that we can react swiftly if we are ever faced with any situations which warrant either response.  Tomorrow morning, we will debrief regarding today's lockdown drill with our Emeregency Response Team (ERT) which is comprised of teachers, administrators, and local safety officials.

Remember you can also sign-up to receive a text message to your cellphone to let you know quickly about BHS emergencies, emergency drills, and school dismissals or cancellations.

We welcome your questions as well as we do everything we can to keep our students safe.  Feel free to add any of your questions in the form below

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