Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BHS Students Share Indian Culture With 3/4 Graders in Alberta

The Presidents of our Multicultural Club, Roshan Kumar and Jeff Sanjay, shared their expertise on the culture and traditions of India with some third and fourth grade students from Forest Green School in Stony Plain, Alberta.  The students from Stony Plain asked great questions and it was awesome to connect and share with these students over 2,500 miles away.

Thanks to the wonderful students from Forest Green for their great thank you video below and for their thoughtful questions. Thanks also to their great teachers, Corre Mahan and Lesley Cameron,  for the nice follow-up e-mail and for coordinating this!  You can also see the entire video of Roshan and Jeff's interview at the bottom of this post.

I would be remiss if I didn't also thank Principal George Couros from Forest Green School for sharing so much about his school (especially his awesome students) with Principals and teachers all over the world.


Thank you SO much for having Jeff and Rochan Skype into my classroom and answer the students’ questions about some traditions and celebrations in India!  It was such a meaningful and authentic experience for our students and myself!  I enjoy seeing the students engage in the entire process from writing their ‘powerful questions’ to talking with our experts and learning new information and then taking it back to their research projects.  It was so great to see how excited Jeff and Rochan were, as well!  I love that they are the Presidents of the Multicultural Club and truly hope they enjoyed it!

Thanks to the connection that you and George have, along with the technology of Skype, this has opened doors for amazing opportunities for our students all over the world! 


  1. What wonderful videos!! I saw Jeff today and commended him (and told him to pass along the praises to Rochan as well)for his eloquent and profound video. They really did a terrific job. I just love Skype. I used it a few weeks ago to communicate with a native French speaker who is currently living in CA. He spoke to my two French classes and welcomed their inquiries on France and its culture. He'll be moving back to France next month and wishes to continue our communications.

  2. Thanks Patrick! We have to continue to share this story with others on how we can create authentic learning opportunities for students and that they are not limited to the four walls of our room.

    Glad we have connected!

  3. Thanks again, Patrick! I love that this is on your school blog as well, for others to see it! It was a meaningful opportunity for our students (as well as for Corre and I) and I love that we're making our connections and learning worldwide!

    Rochan and Jeff were very knowledgeable and truly taught us a lot! Thank you for your time and commitment to helping us in this project.

  4. What an inspiring story. It would be wonderful if this sort of communication could happen on a regular basis. Perhaps classrooms in the US could have "sister" classrooms in India.