Monday, December 20, 2010

1,500 Toys Stolen In Burlington - Here Is How BHS Responds!

The headlines in the Boston Globe stated the following - 1,500 Gifts Stolen From Toys For Tots. That is horrible news at this time of year. Add in the fact that the news comes from Burlington and we are bothered even more.

Our students at BHS would like to turn the table on this negative headline. As part of our Holiday Traditions celebration, we would like to help right the wrong that has been done and ensure that the children who were the intended recipients of these gifts get the holiday they deserve. Please drop off a check made out to Toys For Tots at the BHS Main Office or place it in the collection bin outside of the cafeteria during the lunch.

Thanks to BHS staff member Suzanne Borin and our students for their quick action to help turn this negative into a positive. Show your support by joining our Facebook Event Page.


  1. Thank you, Mrs. Borin and BHS students for your quick affirmative action. We'll all help you in this endeavor. How admirable!!

  2. How beautiful...thanks kids! A member of the public

  3. Good luck kids! Your hard work and initiative are inspiring :) - a teacher and admirer in NC