Friday, November 26, 2010

Want More School Pride? Let The Students Have More Control.

There are a few reasons, I can't stop thinking about our Pre-Thanksgiving Day Pep Rally.  The main reason is the fact that it was a lot of fun. I thought that there was a much higher degree of engagement by those involved than in the previous three pep rallies that I have been involved in at BHS.

That in itself is of course great, but it is the implications of why this event was so much better that we need to spend more time on.  So, why was this better?  

The answer is...the students.  The adults involved, the administrators in this case, stepped back when approached by the President and Vice President of the senior class, Stacey Bezreh and Colleen Brine, and we let the student leaders lead.  

Colleen (left) and Stacey (center) go over some Pep Rally details with Band Director Matt Lovell

Instead of having a Pep Rally that focused solely on a small number of extra-curricular groups, Stacey and Colleen decided they wanted more involvement from all of the students. They came up with the idea of competitions among students in each of the classes and with the support of one of their teachers, Mr. Parkin, they added a faculty team to participate with the students.   The culmination, a pie in the face of an administrator, was something that only students could have thought of.

Our inclusive leaders wore one item from each of the fall athletic teams.

While I know that this was an extra-curricular event, I am certain that we could have a similar impact in curricular pursuits if we let our students take a bit of the lead. Our Pep Rally was just one example of the amazing things that can happen when we let go.

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Great job, Stacey and Colleen!!!! Your leadershilp skills are to be commended!!! BHS students are exceptionally wonderful!!!! Thank you for a great Pep Rally!!!

  2. The pep rally was one of the best I have ever seen!! There was so much energy in the gym and just looking around, I could see how involved everyone was! It was a blast .... even if the senior tug-o-war team needed extra help from the football team to win against the freshmen??!??! LOL!!!!!

  3. Great entry, some good points here!