Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Show Opens At Cambridge Street Gallery Tonight

Cambridge Street Gallery at Burlington High School presents:

Side Streets

Laura Phillips, Art Department Faculty at Marshall Simmonds Middle School and Georgia Wingrove Devine, BHS Evening Academy Director 
Georgia Wingrove Devine and Laura Phillips, both veteran Burlington teachers, are long-time travel companions. They traveled to the Dominican Republic during April 2010 with a trip sponsored by Primary Source.~ Georgia and Laura live by the philosophy, often stated on the Travel Channel: "It's not the place or the buildings or the food that matter - it's the people."

The Dominican Republic is a country that has survived horrendous oppression in the past, and yet it's people remain optimistic, proud and hospitable. So while they studied the history to prepare for the trip, then saw the sights, visited schools, lived with families, and learned to dance the Meringue - what they liked best was meeting ordinary people in their everyday life.
They worked as a team when they travel.~The sight of Laura's camera and the feeble attempts by Georgia to speak the language opened many doors for them.~ Early morning walks~in their host families' neighborhood resulted in most of the photos in this exhibit.
Our pictures come from~our personal journey - discovering the Dominican Republic on our own during free time.~ It helped that the Dominicans may be the friendliest people on earth.
The reception will be Thursday, November 18, 6:30 - 8:30.

Check out a preview of some of the photos below.

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  1. yes i agree with you that these people are very hospitable.