Monday, November 15, 2010

Give Me This Day My Daily Blog Post

Also posted on the BHS Web 2.0 Class Blog

Give Me This Day My Daily Blog Post: "It seems, I: have been blogging less lately. There are a number of reasons that I can think of when I reflect on this fact. The biggest reason for me is actually due to the amazing posts that I continue to read by the members of my PLN. Just the Connected Principals Blog alone leaves my head-spinning due to the quality of the posts that my colleagues are writing.

Sometimes my competitive nature comes out and I feel like I need to write something amazingly insightful. Unfortunately, this coincides with my biggest bouts of blogger's block. So I finally had a moment of clarity last night and remembered that the reflective nature of blogging is what I really enjoy. Hopefully, once in a while my thoughts will be useful to others as well.

So here I go...
... I commit to blog daily, even if it is just a few sentences.


  1. Hi Patrick

    Love the title - just as Catholics have their 'get out of jail card free' confessional, so too do we administrators have our 'get out of blogging' card through the organization demands and managerial minutiae we face everday.

    Like you I become overwhelmed at times with thinking that I have to write something insightful and like you, reading the content and the amount of it my colleagues put out makes me feel 'inadequate' at times. As a survival/sanity technique, I have stopped direct tweets to my blackberry (all of those posts from @gcouros and @chrkennedy were not only makiig me feel anxiouis but were starting to lead to an arthritic hip due to all of the buzzing!)

    Thanks for the Monday morning smile - great way to start the week.

  2. Great post! Boy, I think we all suffer from this affliction.. I love your approach to keeping it simple and executing it because you love to and want to pass on information that will be useful to others...

    Look forward to reading your posts... And @gbondi LOL...

  3. I am living this right now! :) I have half-started a few posts. I need to just wrap it up and post already, not because the content is mind-blowing, but because they're my reflections on learning and that's why I blog!!

  4. Lyn, Jaime, and Gino-

    Thanks for the feedback. That is another great reason to keep blogging. I am fortunate to have so many great people in my PLN who help me reshape my thinking with their comments!