Monday, November 29, 2010

Coach Sullivan and Four BHS Athletes Reflect On A Memorable Workshop

A Guest Post by BHS Teacher/Coach Katey Sullivan - 

On the 23rd of November I had the pleasure of traveling to MIAA headquarters in Franklin, Massachusetts with four extraordinary seniors Stacy Bezreh, Kaitlyn Morneweck, Kierstin Merlino, and Katharine Trahan.  We attended a workshop for female captains and their coaches titled Leadership for Ladies. The workshop was put on by Deb Hult from CORE Trainings. It was a great experience and I can still hear Deb Hult's quote "Leadership is Influence!"  

The following is what the girls took from our day:

After being selected to represent BHS at the MIAA leadership for women conference in Franklin, we didn't know what to expect. We were welcomed by Deb, who was the woman in charge of the event. She was one of the most engaging people we have ever met. 

We were involved in ice-breaking activities that taught us not everyone on your sports team is comfortable in that environment. We all have different comfort zones which we are forced to break free of at one point or another. One of the activities we had to partake in was to make eye contact with girls that we had never met before for minutes at a time, another was to hug as many people as we could in 15 seconds like we haven't seen them in 5 years. 

These activities will be brought back to our teams and used effectively. As you can imagine it was awkward and uncomfortable. Deb told us a very personal story that brought tears to most of our eyes. This experience was eye opening.  We realized that not everyone has the “perfect life.” As leaders, we should be able to pick up on those types of things and do what we can to help. Sometimes people aren’t asking for answers, simply just someone to listen to them. She taught us that being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to dictate, we just have to influence our team in a positive way. 

Deb left us with one last important message that, even though people go through different experiences, good and bad, you always have the ability to change the outcome; nothing is set in stone. She ended with “Do not allow your wounds to become your identity.”


  1. What great representatives for Burlington High School - congratulations on being selected. Great job Katie!

  2. It would be great if the girls took the leadership skills they have learned an apply them in school everyday, maybe encourage other students to be leaders as well even the quiet ones who feel they might not have a voice. It's important to embrace leadership ethics as well.