Monday, October 25, 2010

YouTube Video Of The Week - (Week of October 25th) - Changing Education Paradigms

There is a great video making the rounds on Twitter and in blog posts which talks about the need to change the way we educate our students.  It is a wonderful animation put together by RSA Animate of one of Sir Ken Robinson's talks titled "Changing Education Paradigm."

Please take 11 minutes to check out the video and then leave your comments below.

Some students in the BHS Web 2.0 blogged about the video here and you can see their thoughts by clicking on the following links:  Dan's Comments, Matt's Comments, Kayla's Comments,  Akash's Comments.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the commentaries from the students. They are very lucky to be in this course. I am looking forward to learning more about integrating technology in the classroom in my ACTFL seminars in November. I simply cannot get enough of these courses. If I could, I would take these courses more frequently throughout the school year, but, unfortuanetly our busy family schedules do not permit this. Good luck, Mr. Larkin, with this vital Web 2.0 course at BHS.

  2. For the times i was following what the man said i found that i agreed with all he said. many times in the past i have wished i was younger so i could think of stuff to right or find interesting things to do. Why do we divide students into age groups? How long would it take to implement the necesary changes in our current school system to make it more efficient. I also agree with him on his sceptism over ADHD. I find that many people who say they have it, use it like its an excuse for being easily distracted. Everyone gets distracted so it doesn't me doctors should just arbitrarily perscribe medication. Taking meds when you dont need them can be very harmful to your health.

  3. I watched this video twice and was completely blown away by Sir Robinson's message that is overflowing with basic common sense. Throughout history, humans have continually adapted to their surroundings ensuring survival of the "fittest". Many of our students/children already possess a large amount of the determination and knowledge necessary to fully engage in the future. As parents and educators, let's band together and promise to do our best not to teach it out of them before they get there.