Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome To Their World (Facebook) - Technology Workshop #1 For Parents


I am excited to announce our first technology workshop for parents on October 19th from 6:30-7:30 in the BHS Auditorium.

The first session, which I will conduct along with Dennis Villano from Marshall Simonds Middle School, will focus on Facebook.  Our goals are to get parents acclimated with Facebook and also to discuss the importance of ensuring that our students are not making mistakes with their on-line activities that will cause them short or long term headaches.

Our future topics will be dictated by parent feedback.  Please spread the word about Parent Technology Workshop #1 and bring a friend. While this is intended for parents of Burlington students, we welcome all who are interested in this conversation. There will be a significant amount of time left for questions at the conclusion of the session.


  1. Go for it, parents. I use it in my classes. It is safe. In fact,just a few hours ago, a student had a question on one of his assignments and directed his inquiry through my FB account.

  2. It's so great you're providing professional development to parents... they are learners too! Your efforts will no doubt greatly benefit your students and school!

  3. Great idea - I think that it is very important that parents understand how children are using social networks. Especially important (and hopefully a focus point of this information event) is a raised awareness of the risks that come will the disclosure of personally identifying information.

    This session should also highlight the business model of facebook and similar sites, which make their money by collecting, mining, and selling information about their users. This is certainly acceptable in some instances. At the same time, I think it is critically important to enable our children to make an informed risk analysis and decision before they interact with such web sites.