Saturday, October 30, 2010

Going Beyond The Expectations - More Great Student Work From Music Theory

I have written about Mr. Lovell's Music Theory class before as they continually amaze me with their music compositions. Check out the efforts of BHS senior Catie Riggs below who went beyond the scope of the assignment as described in a message I received from Mr. Lovell, her teacher -

"I thought you might be interested in Catie Riggs' first music theory project. The assignment was just to write the music; she added on the video herself."

I love it when kids don't follow directions! Or to be more specific, I love it when students go beyond the minimal requirements of an assignment!


  1. This is AWESOME, Catie!!It rings in the festivity of the holiday event. My daughter and I just watched and heard your wonderful creations. BHS has ALWAYS had a phenomenal Music Dept. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Great job Catie!!