Monday, October 18, 2010

Eyes With Pride: Guest Post Praises BHS Marching Band

From the BHS Music Boosters Blog
Eyes With Pride: Guest Post Praises BHS Marching Band: "
We're really not bragging...we just wanted to share a 'Letter to the Editor' that recently appeared in the newspaper regarding the professionalism and respect our Marching Band students have when faced with students from other schools, both the good and bad.

Dear Editor:

I attended the Burlington High School football game recently when we played against Woburn. I’m a proud marching band parent of a sophomore and two freshmen. Many years ago I was in the marching band so I do remember the intense moments when one town played against a “border” town. Did I mention INTENSE?

Well, some things never change …As our band started marching into the stands, the fans from the opposing team started dropping “f” bombs and “flipping the bird” at our band…. I have NEVER seen anything that DISRESPECTFUL in my life!

Our Burlington High School Marching band showed so much CLASS during this episode, I can’t even begin to tell you. They ignored the swearing, the hand gestures and everything else these “children” endured on them! I can’t think of a prouder moment for me as a parent to see our entire BHS Marching band stand tall, heads held high and not flinch through it all.

It’s amazing to me how a week prior to this game , we played against Belmont and how respectful both the Belmont fans were to us and our Marching band. “You’re band is fabulous, you’re band is awesome” were just a few comments made to me as I sat among these people in the stands. What a difference a week makes!

The level of maturity this band exhibits is done by great parenting on all our parts, but some credit has to go to our wonderful Band Director, Mr. Matt Lovell. He has molded this band, color guard and dance squad to be absolutely fabulous both on the field and in the stands.

They are all awesome young adults and we, as a town, should be proud of them all. If you have never seen them perform, you should attend one of these football games. When the band was in Florida this past April, marching down Main St. at Disney World, a Disney Park Usher told a BHS band parent, “I have worked a long time at this park and seen a lot of bands….This Burlington High School Marching band is the BEST band I have seen thus far!” Now combine that with our GREAT Football team this year, and you can’t go wrong for a great night out! Enough said!

So my “Shout” in this letter goes out to you, BHS marching band, the color guard, and the dance squad… Those TWO weeks of Band camp, EVERY DAY, for 6 HOURS a day, in the hottest summer month of August…the band class you take every day during school as part of your class schedule… the after school practices you attend for 1-2 hours, does not go unnoticed in my eyes or in the eyes of all your parents.

You all have worked so hard and it shows through and through. It’s just too bad that when you are the “away” team, you are sometimes subjected to what you saw and heard that Friday night….and I for one am sorry you had to deal with that and unfortunately, as you all know, will probably deal with again!

You always show Class, Dignity & Respect. We are proud at how you conducted yourself at that game and will continue to be proud of you. Never fall to another town’s level…Hold your head up high like you always do!

“Eyes with Pride” is the band’s motto and you can see that in every band member’s eyes. You can also see it in my eyes when I look at every member of this GREAT group of kids.

Nice job guys….You make the town of Burlington PROUD!!! Continue to do so!

Brenda Cahoon

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  1. Great article, Mrs. Cahoon. I couldn't agree with you any more. It's during these types of challenging situations and circumstances when we see our kids shine. Their dignity, strength and seriousness of purpose are manifested so beautifully. What a tremendous testimony of their professionalism. Kudos to our BHS kids!!