Monday, October 4, 2010

BHS Marching Band - A Phenomenal Group (Past and Present)

I know that I am biased because of my own marching band experience as a high school student. I am proud to have been called a "band geek" by those who never experienced being part of this experience. It was honestly one of my high school highlights thanks.

Anyway, this weekend I got to catch one of our former BHS Marching Band students in action when I attended the BC-Notre Dame Football game in Chestnut Hill. Check out the picture below of Marissa DiGregorio who is a member of the Screamin' Eagles Marching Band.  While Marissa and the Screamin' Eagles were getting ready for the big game at BC, the current edition of the BHS Marching Band was in the field during halftime of the BHS-Belmont game in Woburn (slideshow below).I

Former BHS Marching Band Member Marissa DiGregorio

Our 2010-2011 Marching Band

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  1. Great pics, Mr. Larkin and great article!! We're proud of our BHS marching band. They put in a ton of hours to perform each and every week. Our two kids are also in the marching band at their school. We love watching them play at half-time, during parades, etc. Naturally, I have great respect for all of the participants.