Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Would You Like To Connect With Our School?

It is easier than ever for schools to connect with students and parents. Modern technology has made this possible for us.  I know that parents care deeply about the education of their children and I also know that students would love to have a larger voice in their schools.

This blog has been active for two years and it has helped us get out a lot of information, but it has not been a place where there have been ongoing discussions on education-related topics/issues.  We also started a Facebook Page for our school that has a growing membership. Again, this has been a nice place to put out news and information, but not a vehicle for deep discussions about issues we face.

My preferred methods of communication are:
  1. This blog
  2. Our Facebook Page
  3. Twitter

However, I know that communication is a two-way street.  So I ask you sincerely, how would you like to stay connected with us this year?

1 comment:

  1. Not sure if you're asking the students and parents to comment or just students...but I am a parent and I'll comment. I think the blog and facebook are nice ways to keep people informed of what's happened and what's going to happen on a daily/weekly basis. However the bigger issues tend to get lost for me in blogs/facebook/twitter. They need more time; in depth discussion; and more room for more opinions. From m perspective, parent involvement could come from posting links to surveymonkey or other tools where we could put our feedback. Once feedback is collected, info posted, then call for a roundtable or public meeting for those interested in attending or delving more into the subject.... that's my preference for involvement. It might be nice to create some sort of "bulletin board" for parents to post comments. There's no real online opportunity to start the discussion, just respond to what's posted. For instance, I'd like to see some conversation around the fact that some of the kids get to school a full30 minutes before school starts due to busing schedule....and then wait a full 15 minutes at the other end of the day to get home. For a high school student this is precious wasted time (in morning --- less sleep).....