Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BHS Senior Experiences a Three-week home stay in Salamanca, Spain - Meeting Tomorrow Night On Upcoming Travel Abroad Opportunities

This past July BHS senior, Stephen Jefferson, traveled to the city of Salamanca, Spain with the program “Your Spanish Experience”, operated by former Lexington High School Spanish teacher, Alex Gomez. Stephen shared this unique travel and study abroad experience with 14 high school students from Lexington, MA. 

Upon arriving to Spain, Stephen and his peers met their host families and toured the school campus of Colegio Delibes.  At school, he was joined by classmates from countries all over the world.  What an unique experience learning Spanish in a classroom with classmates who do not share a native language, only the target language!  Students were content knowing that the instructors were experienced, friendly and open to repeating phrases in order for students to improve their language skills and cultural awareness.  Most importantly, Colegio Delibes is extremely impressive, acclaimed as the most highly recognized and well-attended language school in the city.  

In addition, the students were fortunate to learn about Spanish culture from individuals who were born and raised in Spain.  For example, on one Thursday evening, students attended an art lecture on Salvador Dali, the famous artist from the northeast region of Cataluña.  The instructor provided students with an in-depth look into his life and work, including an analysis of his famous paintings.  Overall, the students gained a greater comprehension of the structure of the Spanish language and the culture of Spain while having the pleasure to partake in the evening tradition of taking a stroll in the Plaza Mayor, cooling off with an ice cream, and meeting friends and dancing at a local discoteca

In conclusion, to truly become fluent in a language is to experience it on a daily basis with native speakers.  Stephen and his high school peers were able to demonstrate an increased understanding of the language by attending school events and dining and conversing with the Spanish families during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am pleased to say that Your Spanish Experience offers BHS Spanish students the opportunity to live with a family while learning the Spanish language in an authentic environment.

For more information on how current BHS students can partake in this experience, please attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, September 29th at 6:00PM in BHS classroom 254.  For additional information, email Mrs. Dacey at dacey@burlington.mec.edu.

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  1. í Felicitaciones, Esteban!!! ¿ Fuiste tú también en Francia hace dos años, ¿ no ? Sí, estoy de acuerdo con el director de esta escuela, es importante aprender un idioma de las personas nativas. Estoy muy contenta que tengamos la tecnología para hacerlo.