Friday, August 6, 2010

What Do You Think About This Video? Please Add Your Comments

Dr. Conti posted this video on his blog yesterday and there have been a few comments. I would love to see more thoughts from people about this video and how it relates to our students today.  Please click here to add your comments to Dr. Conti's blog.


  1. I watched this earlier in the week and sent it to a team of 4 middle school teachers that are the lead in a PBL pilot in our district. I believe this video reflects how they envision learning for the Grade 7 students in the coming year. A heavy emphasis will be placed on student driven, teacher assisted learning in a project-based learning environment while still maintaining adherence to state and district curricular expectations. Within this new structure, each student will receive a personalized education plan, establishing a high degree of academic rigor and measuring student achievement in authentic 21st century terms.

  2. Wow! I'm amazed by this video!
    It couldn't be a better explanation on how to build an effect PLN. And not just for us, teacher, for those whose are in great need of a change in learning: our students!
    I've selected this part which seemed to ring all bells in my mind:
    " Information management will be a major challenge in the 21st century. RSS makes it possible for anyone to subscribe to just about any change in content on the internet. New synchronism communication tools are emerging nearly every day. All of these tools make easy for our students to connect with new contents and learn effectively from those he alreday know"
    So, why does he need a teacher?
    Brilliant! Bravo!
    A 21st teacher is a learning architect. A Synthetizer!
    Great insight!
    Congratulations. I heart your blog!
    i'd love to be a sts in your institution!

  3. This was a very condensed, engaging and captivating video which spoke volumes. It was very well made. I liked the fact that it was student driven. After all, "... a little child shall lead them.... ". I'm so grateful for my BHS studnets who have helped me immensely with new technology. It is a great feeling getting their tech support and respect of my learning materials which will enhance and maximize their learning. Thank you, Dr. Conti.

  4. What a great encapsulation of the future of learning. I know BHS is on its way to becoming this model. The leadership seems committed to it and some of the teachers are already modeling it. It is an exciting time to be in education!