Thursday, August 26, 2010

Headlines Like These Worry Me - "Teachers, public sharply divided on key issues" - The Boston Globe

This article in today's Boston Globe was not surprising - Teachers, public sharply divided on key issues - The Boston Globe.  The article talks about public perceptions about such things like merit pay, Race to the Top, and tenure.

Obviously, there is great agreement in the fact that what we are doing in most public schools is not getting us the results we want.  Agreement on this topic is a GOOD THING. Unfortunately, people hear blurbs, read headlines, and jump on board with things that I do not think they have invested a lot of time researching.  This is the BAD PART.

Because of this, public schools need to engage their communities in meaningful discussion about what their vision is and how they intend to get there. I know that parents care deeply about ensuring that their students get the highest quality education possible.  We need to engage our local communities in an ongoing two-way conversation about education reform so that our stakeholders know the research on what has and has not worked in other industries.

All I can think of is an analogy with commercials on TV. Do most people make monumental decisions on purchases based on commercials they see on television with no supporting evidence from their own research?  Not sure what the data on this one would show, but I think we can assume that people should not take up this practice.  One thing is clear, many are believing the hype on the commercial-like headlines that are claiming to fix our education system.

This is what worries me.

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  1. Media hype of any sort is slanted to the agenda of those producing it. Taking it to a ting level, it is like the playground gossip that can really unsettle children & staff. Difficult to stop but it has to be before it does too much damage.(aka TheHeadsOffice)