Sunday, August 8, 2010

Are Your Ears Ringing? BHS Is Being Talked About

I always talk to people about how fortunate I feel to be the Principal of Burlington High School.  My Twitter profile picture above also states my feelings clearly.  I see first hand daily some of the struggles that other administrators have with political issues in their communities. Sometimes these issues are rigid bureaucratic guidelines that tie their hands and other times they are political power-plays that Principals should really not have to waste their time with. I guess what I am trying to say is that I love the fact that I am able to spend so much of my time building relationships with students, teachers, and families and having conversations about education and where our school is headed.

Because of the fact that I work in Burlington, a community where the school committee and Superintendent trusts its employees to use social media tools appropriately, I have had my name mentioned in a few recent blogposts by others.  I am quite clear that this is all about us because I know very well that I could be somewhere else struggling to overcome outdated policies. But thankfully I am in Burlington, where we will not close the door on any tool that can help us engage students and their families in their education.

Here are the two blog posts from this past week mentioning BHS:

First, from Lisa Velmer Nielsen's blog - The Innovative Educator - Lisa is the Technology Innovation Manager for the New York City Department of Education and her blog is recognized worldwide as one of the top educational blogs.

Second, from New Milford High School (NJ) Principal Eric Sheninger's Blog - Eric is the most widely recognized Principal in using social media to connect himself, his school, and his students to the most relevant learning opportunities available.  


  1. I agree!!! I've taught and worked in several school districts over the past 30 years, and, truthfully, I find that Burlington to be THE BEST. Colleagues in other towns marvel at what we have here in Burlington. We are one of the top regarding technology. Burlington is a growing community with a superb support system. I am so lucky to be working here. My sister, a graduate of BHS, survived a rigorous art school because of the outstanding BHS Art Dept. I can go on and on. Burlington is by far, phenomenal!!! Our teachers, staff and students are stellar!!

  2. I've got to put in another plug for BPS, especially BHS. Thanks to Mr. Larkin for encouraging me to take an on-line course and a foreign language tech course this summer. I just completed day one of a five day course in tech at Northeastern University. I'm very fortunate to have a fantastic professor. Both today and tomorrow are lecture and sharing days, and the rest of the week will be spent doing hands-on projects. We hear so much about the web 2.0 these days, but our prof will be introducing us to the web 3.0!!! Today's class was superb!!I'm truly grateful to the Burlington Public Schools for introducing me to these courses. I'm working smarter to get the results done in less time using tech!!! I feel that I can add much, much more to my classroom this year with these vital tech tools. Thank you again, BPS!!!

  3. Your school and district are lucky to have a smart and passionate leader such as yourself. Since you wrote this post, I mentioned you again in, "
    Follow the Leader Who’s a Tweeter" at

    Thank you for the recognition, but most importantly for sharing your voice.