Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two Must-See Videos By Seth Godin On Education - Do You Agree or Disagree?

In the video below - Seth Godin discusses our educational system and reminds us that we cannot test our way out of our current state.

A line that strikes a chord with me from the clip - "It would not take too many passionate parents to push our schools down the right path."

I think the point is similar to the one made by Will Richardson in his blog post that I highlighted yesterday "What's Up With Parents?"

Godin sums up the point in the final line of a blog post he wrote today, titled Two Types Of Schooling, by asking the following question:

 "Is there anything more important to you and your organization (or your kids or your town) than figuring out how to obtain and share the wisdom that real teaching can deliver?"

I encourage you to watch the clip and leave your thoughts or questions.

In this second video Godin talks about how schools teach students how to make safe choices and push for smaller assignments.


  1. I like what Seth Godin says about "passionate parents" getting involved in their childrens' projects. This vividly brings to mind our kids experience doing 4th grade MCAS projects. I now understand their teachers' rationale behind the projects. They wished to bring out the students' individual interests, creativities, zeal and enthusiasm toward their projects. They did not want to see "cookie cut" projects.As parents, we totally invested ourselves into the projects. I worked with my daughter on a baking project (what else :-) ) and my husband worked with my son on a velocity project. They made a race track. These are the projects which have a lot of worth as it brought out the kids' interests, originality and creativity.

  2. Your video thoughts are right on track and are a great support for Project Based Learning as an instructional practice. If done correctly creativity, innovation, collaboration, and responsibility are required on large projects. How are you all addressing learning in your school? Keep up the thought provoking comments.