Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Is What PLN's Are All About - Making Connections

It is a great compliment when another blogger references one of my blog posts. It is even nicer when the reference comes from someone who you are familiar with and respect a great deal.  I have had the good fortune of having this happen twice in the past week with mentions in the blogs of George Couros and Lisa Velmer Nielsen.  Reading so many great education blogs and sharing these insights with others is what building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is all about.

George is a Principal at a K-12 program in Stony Plain, Alberta.  His blog, The Principal of Change, is one of my favorites. George provides inspiration daily with his blogging about his own students and his insights into how we can better educate all students.  I feel fortunate to have connected with this great administrator through social networking! His blog post a few days ago was titled An Open Letter To School Administrators.

Lisa works for the New York City Department of Education in the Department of Accountability and Achievement Resources and she has the awesome responsibility of ensuring that educators are using innovative technology to improve students outcomes.  In addition she authors the excellent blog titled The Innovative Educator.  Lisa's blogpost last week was titled Want To Help A Principal Start A Blog? These Five Principals Can Provide Inspiration.

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  1. Yes, I have greatly benefitted educationally from being on Twitter. I was also quite elated to have a former student find me on Twitter and update me on her life. I love connecting with all of my students throughout these past 30 years of teaching. I find that to be one of the most rewarding aspects of the profession. I will be informing parents in Sept. that I am on Facebook, and that that is just another avenue through which they may contact me.