Monday, July 12, 2010

A Summer Rant: What's Up With Parents? From Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed

I thought I would share one of Will Richardson's latest blog posts - A Summer Rant: What's Up With Parents? As both an educator and a parent, I ask myself the same questions over and over. What are your thoughts or answers to his questions?

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  1. This is a very good article. I can honestly say that our kids have had great learning experiences in our town's middle school these past three years. As a parent, I can respond affirmatively to the majority of these questions posed by Will Richardson in reference to my kids' learning experiences. My daughter worked collaboratively to fabricate a videocast in her tech ed classs. My son did a Powerpoint presentation in his Spanish class in middle school. I was always amazed at their overall product and their enthusiasm in its production. It gave me ideas for my own classes. Because my kids had such a great classroom experiences regarding technology, I can honestly say that they are well prepared for high school this coming September. I also reminded them that I'll be needing their help on my NU course coming in August. Yes,... a child shall lead them....I'm learning from my kids as well as from my students. I'm a life-long learner!!!