Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My 4-Year Old Got Retweeted by CSPAN - Another Example Of How Connected We Are

For the second time this summer, I hosted a group of Massachusetts administrators at BHS to discuss and utilize some of the many social media/technology tools that can help us connect with our teachers, students, parents, communities, and each other.  As we discussed the need to change our professional development model and the fact that some of these new technological items are so easy to use that we don't have to offer hours of training for staff to become familiar with them, I tweeted out a picture of my 4-year old daughter on an i-pad. 

If you notice in the picture, Mary Clare had clicked on the CSPAN application. This is where the connection-part comes in.  Within 20 minutes, I received the tweet below back from CSPAN.


  1. Way to go, Mary Clare!! You're a leader in the "Toddler Tech" world. It's so true, "A little child shall lead them....." You know more than some of us older folk. Good job, Mary Clare!!!! I admire your desire to learn without any reservations!!!

  2. What a great example!